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Wedding ready online training Packages


Wedding ready online training packageswedding photoFinding time to workout on top of everything else before your wedding day can be a bit stressful.

Having your workouts customized to your schedule, linked to your smart phone and designed to help you look your best for your big day, can help alleviate some of your stress.

  • Your Training Plan Anywhere

    Setup your training plans and training schedule. Access it anytime online, or on your iOS or Android device. Your program will work for you if you are working out in the gym, at home, or while traveling. I will monitor your progress online to keep you accountable.

  • Exercise Videos For Guidance

    All customized workouts will have your exercises explained and demonstrated. If your not sure what to do, the exercise will be linked to an online video tutorial to help explain. With the trainerize app you have the worlds largest video exercise library.

  • Graphs, Grids, and Excel exports

    Beautiful reports to motivate you and help analyze your progress. You can track your measurements and photos within the app, and message me with your questions and concerns at any time.

  • What will my program include.

    You will receive personalized workout programs which provide recommendations for what cardio, strength and stretching exercises to perform each week. Every exercise will include details on duration, frequency, how-to instructions, weight size, number of reps, number of sets, etc. The workouts will also include descriptions and detailed instructions of the routines, allowing you to properly perform the exercises. With each exercise there will be a video or photo tutorial, showing you exactly how to properly do it.

  • When and how do I get started?

    Depending on your time frame, pick the program that fits best for you; monthly training, 12 week program or 8 week program. (click here to see view prices)  You can get started on your way to your goals in less than a week! Typically, you will receive your information within 3 business days or sooner.

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SHARC Ski Conditioning Class


I am excited for tomorrow to begin my new class At the SHARC.

The class will focus on core, balance, agility, power, cardio, and flexibility. Whether boarding or skiing, balance is a necessity, and a strong core is fundamental for achieving balance. Over 3 weeks of Monday and Friday’s we will be starting to help get the body ready for the demand of the up and coming ski season.

ski flyer

Become More 9.5.14

The time for just wishing has passed, the time for doing, is NOW.

Many of us often hope to build our perfect physique, become stronger, or to better improve our health and look good naked. The hope is where the problem lies; without a plan and just hoping to improve your current level of fitness you are doing nothing but setting yourself up for failure. Many people workout and “try” to eat better, but few TRAIN to achieve goals that they have. The difference between working out and training is that working out is a movement done for the effect you get out of it today. Training is when you exercise in specific ways to achieve a long-term goal with each workout intended to create progression and results.

The process
Set your goals, create a plan or follow a program, be consistent, don’t give up, and when you start to struggle keep to your plan. When you start to see results, keep going and do not settle for okay or good enough. Once you reach or exceed your goals it will be time to set new goals.

If I can help with any part of this process please let me know.