Online and Mobile Training

How Does Online Training Work?

An individualized approach to fitness design to help you reach your fitness goals. Online and mobile training allows you to access your workouts anytime, anywhere. Track stats and watch instructional videos right on your smart phone.

I will build a customized training plan to help reach your goals. Bring your workouts to the gym via your smartphone, and track your progress. As your online trainer I will review progress and tweaks your training plan. Your exercises, weight, and reps will be best set for you, and will change as you progress each week.

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Many of us often hope to build our perfect physique, become stronger, or to better improve our health and look good naked. The hope is where the problem lies; without a plan and just hoping to improve your current level of fitness you are doing nothing but setting yourself up for failure. Many people workout and “try” to eat better, but few TRAIN to achieve goals that they have. The difference between working out and training is that working out is a movement done for the effect you get out of it today. Training is when you exercise in specific ways to achieve a long-term goal with each workout intended to create progression and results.

The process

set your goals, create a plan or follow a program, be consistent, don’t give up, and when you start to struggle keep to your plan. when you start to see results, keep going and do not settle for okay or good enough. once you reach or exceed your goals it will be time to set new goals.